Comcast made a VR version of its Xfinity Stream app for visually impaired users

Comcast made a VR version of its Xfinity Stream app for visually impaired users

Comcast has collaborated with wearable tech startup NuEyes to help individuals with low vision see a greater amount of the TV shows and films they appreciate. Under the organization, the organization’s Xfinity Stream application, which gives clients access to live TV and On Demand content, will be pre-introduced onto NuEyes’ e2 smartglasses and VR amplifying gadget.

The electronic magnifier accompanies 3K LCD screens and improves the usable vision of individuals with conditions like low vision macular degeneration, glaucoma and retinitis pigmentosa. It enables outwardly disabled clients to tweak its amplification and differentiation, contingent upon what they should have the option to peruse, watch motion pictures or even just to see their friends and family’s countenances. It likewise has OCR or content to-discourse ability that clients can enact if their eyes get excessively worn out and need the gadget to, state, keep perusing a book to them.

Giving NuEyes clients access to the Xfinity Stream application implies they may have the option to begin staring at the TV and films again on the off chance that they haven’t had the option to as of late, on the grounds that their vision has gotten so terrible. Organization author Mark Greget said “to have the option to stream content legitimately to our shoppers’ eyes in a manner that has never been done empowers a huge number of outwardly hindered individuals to keep making the most of their TV experience and the sky is the limit from there.”

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